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The Center for Women's Health Information of Bnei Brak, Israel

The Women's Information and Health Center of B'nei Brak is a social engineer in women's health. Through exclusive access to the Internet in an otherwise unplugged society, we forge distribution channels between modern medicine and sequestered religious women. We work within strict rabbinic mandates to service the dignity of our clientèle, while counteracting pervasive social ignorance. Through direct collaborations with top health-care providers, hospital staff, and the volunteer network of Agudah Women, we educate to promote health, prevent disease, and legitimize women's right to quality health care within the ultra-orthodox communities of Israel.

Our Mission

To forge access for ultra-orthodox women to key medical information, local resources, and health care, and to tailor comprehensive health education on women's behalf for the ultra-orthodox communities in Israel.

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To this end:

  • We provide a 24 hour hot line for the women of Bnei Brak to confidentially inquire after their private health concerns, and receive prompt, up-to-date, well-researched information packages by post, pertinent to their specific needs.
  • We conduct comprehensive public seminars in popular and emerging fields of women's health including heart disease, nutrition, exercise, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and aging.
  • We collect, classify, and reformat women's health information published in Hebrew. Parallel to the hot line, volunteers work to strengthen our files. Time is spent researching print and electronic sources, evaluating the long range relevance and the quality of informational presentation and content.
  • And we target outreach to traditional female leaders in the community, bringing the wives of rabbis, school teachers and principles to our lectures, and into our volunteer circuit.
  • We will expand our city health seminars, individualized package delivery service and adjoining telephone hot line to the national level, becoming a country-wide resource for Ultra-Orthodox women and their communities.
  • We will train young female health educators with the tools necessary to infiltrate the Ultra-Orthodox primary and high schools in an effort to introduce basic provisions, and to reform health education policies for young women and girls.
  • We will write specialized health-information booklets to address religious women's most frequently asked questions and concerns.
  • We will broadcast a weekly radio address on the national orthodox dial, showcasing the critical medical issues raised by religious women to the hot line. Program will include a rotating focus on various aspects of women's health: exercise, nutrition, life cycles, health risk factors, and children. A brief medical news update will be followed by in depth interviews with doctors and expert guests on a specific issue within the topic of the week.

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